As part of my mission to bring you lovely babes pure content, I have decided to share my own journey on Youtube. I realize that as members of my programs you get access to videos, but the public  videos will be different. As a member, you receive the weekly lesson videos and Q&A videos.  The videos on my youtube channel will be about inspired messages that I need to share for the week.

There is so much information that is spread around that is incorrect about twin flames and core beliefs. I have spent massive amounts of time seeking out sources that I knew would give me the real deal. During the research period, I also stumbled upon information that I know to be incorrect. While I can not tell people to take down their misguided information, I can choose to spread the right information.

With that being said, I created an introductory Youtube video to explain how I got to the discover of this journey and my reasoning for creating a channel.

The video cut out at the end. Share your experience with me in the comments section!!







P.S. If you haven’t added me on like every social media platform I have, you should…never know when a deal is going to be released. Plus I say cool things with lit photos.

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