So you have a twin flame and you can’t seem to understand why all the advice your friends give you does not work. Let’s discuss why!

Twin flame relationships are not normal

When you come into a twin flame relationship, you have to realize that anything you thought about relationships is completely different than anything you have ever experienced. The magick created between the two of you is out of this world. In order to tap into that, you have to know the ins and outs of a relationship like this. Twins have special gifts like telepathy that set them apart from the norm.

Your soul knows their soul because you are one in the same. There is also this aspect of being cut from the same energy that God is which is not based in normalcy. This relationship is the greatest love that you could ever have in physical form. It pushes you to be the best version of yourself that you have ever been. So to think that this is just any type of relationship is a disservice to you and your twin.

Twin flame mirroring

In this type of relationship, you are always mirroring one another. Whether it be a good or bad thing it is up to you both and the work you have to do. Your friends give you advice when your twin has done something to upset you. It usually comes in the form of “they’ve done this to you and you shouldn’t be dealing with it”. What your friends don’t know is your twin is mirroring the crust within you to work through. So in essence, you are the problem not your twin. So it is nice to vent to your friends for perspective, but their advice can’t be taken into consideration.

Limiting beliefs

The reason there are upsets in a relationship like this has mostly to do with limiting beliefs. When you were born, you took on these limiting beliefs that you have to unravel in order to be in harmonious union. Those limiting beliefs are the things that keep you from having the life you deserve and know you want. While it’s easy to discuss the limiting beliefs, it can be difficult to release them so that your union does not have upsets.


The twin flame relationship at its core is one of pure love and happiness all of the time. There is no space for negativity, limiting beliefs, sorrow, victimhood and the like. When you are at a low vibration, your twin flame relationship will not sustain. If  you continuously raise  your own vibration, your relationship with your twin flame will be a constant flow of high vibe energy. As  you control the vibration you hold, you shift the way your relationship is set up.


I hope this made sense of things that make your relationship with your twin flame to be beyond  normal. If you need help with removing your blocks and growing closer to your twin, please reach out to me to set up 1 on 1 coaching here. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletters sent out every week. You can find on the right side of the screen title “Love in Your Inbox”. Also subscribe to my Youtube channel which provides new video topics every week!

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  1. scoobydoogirl

    January 18, 2018 at 11:45 am

    I totally agree, I have had people not on a Twin Flame journey try to advise me on my path, I have known who my Twin is for the last 9 years – and when I tried explaining it to a friend, she said she is skeptical about TFs because it limits you to just one person, and that it doesn’t allow you to be open for someone else. The bottom line is I have already done all that, been open to others before, but that was BEFORE I came across my Twin, I said once you experience that connection you don’t want any less! And – I don’t want to date for the sake of it, I want a special kind of love, I was born for that!

    1. Brooklyn

      January 19, 2018 at 2:33 am

      Yes!! This journey is all about your personal compass and declaring your twin as your ultimate one true love. Who would want less than that?!?! I actually don’t discuss TF with anyone unless I know they are aware already or at the very least open to it without negative energy. That negative energy can affect how you progress. <3

  2. scoobydoogirl

    January 19, 2018 at 5:09 am

    Absoulutely! You are doing it the right way! Glad to have met you! <3
    This is it, a Twin Flame love means so much! And the most important thing is, I am making myself ready on my own journey in the meantime, I have worked on clearing myself and continue to do so, and then I will be all the more ready for him to come along! <3

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