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Leading a Lighthouse Kind of Life

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I was sitting in church with my twin and the sermon was about leading a lighthouse life. At first I didn’t really think this applied until the pastor went deeper. Be a Beacon of Love This journey calls for you to be a beacon of love, but you .

Spread Love Every Day

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As healers, we are here to spread love and recalibrate the vibration of this earth. That would be why you have been seeing many more healers coming together as of recent. Acts 7:60 The world has so many failures and there are so many things that .

Why being jealous is pointless

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I was listening to a song by Beyoncé called Jealous and something started to click. I was jealous of my partner and what I thought was happening.   What my mind was telling me We are all raised in a separation consciousness society. I am .

What is Soul Shock?

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  Soul shock is one of those things that you don’t figure out until after it happens. I sure as heck was not aware of what was happening until I was well into the process. There was no way to describe what I was going through so how .