Hello my loves!

For years, I felt so lost that I had a hard time progressing in my career and personal life how I wanted. It wasn’t until I realized that the blocks I had were stopping me from the life and freedom I desired. From teenage depression to moving out of my parent’s house and spiraling even further.

My childhood traumas shaped the experiences I had from teen years well into my early adult years. Most often those inner child and subconscious traumas are the very blocks that will prevent you from reaching your true potential. From financial blocks to relationship traumas, I have experienced them all. And now that I know, I can teach others how to break through their own personal blocks.

The work I do requires introspection and time alone to reflect. To get the most out my progress, I spent time working through my lessons and making sure that I shielded myself from outside energy. I work with all ages and genders as long as a client can receive the work as needed.


Reach out to me today to discuss the best course of action for you!



I am able to do in person [NJ or NY only at this time], phone or Skype sessions. My offerings and pricing for sessions can be found here.


*All coaching comes with self help guide [est. $100]