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4 Inexpensive Ways to Pamper Yourself

Health + Beauty Lifestyle

So I started writing my weekly email for my subscribers and I shared about needing to pamper yourself, but I didn’t exactly shared how. So I decided that I would elaborate on this topic with the blog. Sometimes we go without doing for so long .

What I learned from Public Speaking

Career Lifestyle

I am not one to jump up to do a public speaking engagement. My anxiety is always through the roof and believe it or not I am very shy. When I was a kid, people would make fun of every aspect of who I was because…well…kids can be cruel. .

Brunch: Upstairs at The Kimberly


So after a pretty great shoot, we decided to stop into this great place called Upstairs at The Kimberly in New York City. Honestly, I love brunch y’all. Like too much. My sister and I make it a habit to go out for brunch every Sunday. .

What I learned from wasting my 14 day trial through Shopify

Career Lifestyle

So for those entrepreneurs, Shopify gives you a 14 day free trial. And I wasted it;. If I knew what I know now about Shopify and my own brand, I probably would have waited to start the trial. Learning is all about growing pains. Plan Before you go .