Hi babes! It has taken me a while to figure out how to execute branding for my personal website. Consistency is very clutch to your overall brand. It isn’t just about when you post, but also how you do so. Social media, more specifically Instagram, is all about consumer experience and visuals. It can be difficult to look at your business as if from an outside opinion when you have so much invested into it. Thats where I come in!

I have spent countless hours researching Instagram feeds, user experiences, analytics and so much more! Here are some examples of the work I have done for my brand:

Instagram, Planoly, Branding

Instagram, Planoly, Branding, Media Kit

Instagram, Planoly, Branding, Media Kit










Branding Membership Includes [updates on a weekly and biweekly schedule]:
  • 2 social media platform analysis and clean up
  • (4) one on one 30 min. consults about 2 social media platforms every month
  • Theme consultation
  • How to take the perfect photo
  • Assistance with creating a branding board
  • 10 photo edits via a specific theme
  • How to start a blog
  • Assistance with branding your company, blog or personal brand
  • Methods on how to monetize your blog
  • SEO training
  • Assistance with post curation
  • How to find your niche
  • And so much more!
Media Kit [Add-on]
  • This is something that is purchased separate from a package. A media kit can be created for models, influencers, bloggers, YouTubers and the like. This add-on is best when purchased with a package as it will assist you in having an overall brand and consumer experience focus.
  • I include things like analytics, past collaborations, about page, contact info and more. Sign up and get started on creating a media kit that you can send out as a calling card!
Build your website [Add-on]
  • This is something that is purchased separate from a package.
  • We go over what you would like your blog to include and the color scheme you are looking for
  • We discuss fonts, widgets, social media links, logo etc
  • After we decide on an overall look, I go to work building your website
  • ***Please keep in mind that this is a long process and it requires patience to be done correctly

Keep in mind you can cancel at any time. Each month you receive help from me to guide your social media into an overall brand. Click here for pricing and to get started today. I would love to help you with your branding!