BrooklynAsh, Public Speaking, spiritual life coach

BrooklynAsh was originally created to express my love for fashion, travel and tips. As time has progressed, this page was really created and inspired to detail my spiritual journey and service to guiding twin flames.

I was never into the Woo. In fact, I thought it was a little crazy. I also had a very estranged relationship with God.



BrooklynAsh, Public Speaking, spiritual life coachGod has been sending me signs since I can remember and my soul was not ready to receive the upgrades just yet. For 27 years, I walked around feeling like a lost soul in a black and white world.




Last year was a year of MAJOR L’s. I can’t even go over how epic of an L the whole year was. Now that I have a deeper understanding of the world, I realize that last year was prep year for the amazing journey that will start unfolding this year. August 2017, I met my twin flame and the blissful experience sent me into soul shock. This ultimately led to my journey of being a twin flame and spiritual awakening.

BrooklynAsh, Public Speaking, spiritual life coach




My hope is that as I unravel the experiences I have had, I will be able to create a community for authentic knowledge and services to raise our world into a state of love.. This blog is just the surface of what I hope to share with you all. So sit back, subscribe and enjoy the journey with me. We are all in this together!







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