So I started writing my weekly email for my subscribers and I shared about needing to pamper yourself, but I didn’t exactly shared how. So I decided that I would elaborate on this topic with the blog. Sometimes we go without doing for so long that we forget how to give our bodies what we need. Today I spent the day as the carefree black girl I am shopping and eating my way through my funds.

But guess what? I feel amazing and my closet is looking so much better.

A girl can never have too much clothes.

Pamper Your Body

First, open Groupon and find a local deal for massages. Find a place that has great reviews and a decent price. Make a playlist for the length of your massage. Try to find soothing music that will put you in a relaxing mood.

Retail Therapy 

While I do not suggest that you spend your entire paycheck on clothes, I do however suggest that you spend a little on your outward appearance. We as women need those little pick me ups in order to keep our spirits going. We take pride in our appearance as it is directly tied to our identity with self and the world.

Dollar Theater

So the power of the dollar theater is magical ya’ll. It is time you can take to sit in a nice movie to not think about all of the things that you normally consider. Not every town has one of these, but in our town the theater has a half price night. Check your local theater to see what they offer.


Visit your nearest Lush store and pick up some bath bombs. I suggest the Butterball for all your pamper needs. Grab some candles from your favorite candle store. I happen to like the Rose or Cinnamon candle that I just purchased from bath and body works.


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