Hi! I’m Brooklyn Ash.

Brooklyn is a native of San Pedro, CA. In 2015, she launched this blog to follow her passion of sharing a message. After soul searching, she has become more grounded in who she is and the path her journey has taken. After her spiritual awakening, she decided that it was time for her to step up and guide others back to the constant state of love and peace.

In 2017, she decided it was time to start teaching others about self love through workshops, programs and retreats. Her 2018 goals include: Assist 200 people in journeying back to a state of self love, Host 4 destination retreats, Host 2 large conferences, form a non-profit to assist women/children and provide a space for guidance and healing work.

If you would like to work with her, please use the contact form in the link above.

Many Blessings!